When a new baby enters the world, its gives many people especially new parents hope, happiness and a sense of purpose in life. Friends and family flock from all corners of the globe just to coo over your perfect little human. Hearts are blessed, bonds are formed and the love you feel inside for this little babe burns deeper than anything you've ever experienced before.

But, what happens when a new mum is made?

From joy, happiness, anxiety to tiredness, brains are reborn, priorities change and more often than not you’ll find yourself going for days without so much as a wash just because you cant stop looking in to the eyes of your newborn, checking they're ok- and that they're still breathing.

Sometimes it can be difficult to pull yourself away as your new mothering instincts start to kick in. But, sometimes you've just got to give yourself a break and remember to make time some time for you.

We wanted to launch our #MAKEAMAMASMILE campaign because sometimes in those early days, the Baby Blues or Post Natal Depression can rear its ugly head and make you question your own mothering skills. No matter how badly you think you're coping, you’re not, your probably doing better than you think! And thats a pinky promise!!

You see, Post Natal Depression is very common in new mums, with the sudden shift in responsibilities and tiredness it can be quite a lonely affair. It may be that papa bear has gone back to work, the sea of visitors has dried up and now it's just you face-to-face with the tiny little person you love more than life itself. We didn't realise it at the time but we were suffering with a little bit more than just the Baby Blues ourselves, so we know first hand just what a lonely, anxious, panic stricken and mentally exhausting time the start of your new mama journey can be. So don't worry, we've been there, got the t-shirt and luckily come out the other side- smiling in fact, and you will too! 

The #MAKEAMAMASMILE project is way of sending mothers a simple hug in the post to let them know they are in someone's thoughts. It’s always great knowing someone is thinking of you and it's a great way to reassure them that their hard work is not going unnoticed and that they're doing just great!

So, if you know a mama who could do with a little smile and a #HAPPYHAMPER, then please take the time to fill in the nomination form below and thank you for helping us to make the world smile, one mama at a time.