Meet the Mama | Rebecca from Beau Baby UK

Meet the Mama | Rebecca from Beau Baby UK

In light of our 'Mummy-to-be Pamper Evening' next week we grabbed a quick coffee or vanilla oat latte to be exact! and finally sat down with Rebecca from Beau Baby to let you guys in on her amazingly beau-tiful world of babies and their mamas .....

  1. What’s your inspiration behind Beau Baby?

The birth of my little boy was my main inspiration around starting Beau Baby. The idea actually came from my own experience of being pregnant and seeking support for my anxiety and worries around giving birth. Working as a paediatric nurse I saw child birth trauma first hand and I carried those related worries into my own pregnancy. I struggled to find the support that I needed, until I came across hypnobirthing. It worked so well for me, I was lucky to have an amazing birth and I thought if I can do this then there must be something in it. What started as a hobby and side line business has grown and become a full-time job. I soon learned that my passion was not just pregnancy and birth alone, I am so proud to be able to offer fertility and postnatal services too.

  1. Describe what happens during a hypnobirth.

I would describe a ‘hypnobirth’ as a positive birth experience where you are in control. No one knows how a woman’s birth is going to go. To be prepared, educated and supported through the whole process is key for women to have the birth they deserve. The main emphasis in having a ‘hypnobirth’ comes from attending a hypnobirthing course early on in pregnancy. Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education programme, that teaches simple but specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a positive, calm, birth experience. Being scared, fearful or anxious about giving birth can have a negative impact on your body during pregnancy and labour preventing the birthing muscles of your body from functioning as nature intended them to. Hypnobirthing helps you reprogramme your subconscious mind and gives you the tools so that your body can give birth efficiently and comfortably in the way it is designed to. Ultimately hypnobirthing is an easy, affordable way to learn effective relaxation and breathing techniques that help you:-Overcome fear, Reduce pain, Feel more confident, Feel more prepared & Learn life long stress management skills. 

  1. What’s your favourite thing about hypnobirthing?

The sceptical Dad’s…!

Having your birth partner there on a hypnobirthing course is so beneficial. The role they play can be a huge game changer for the birth. What I love the most, and smile to myself often, is when a Dad arrives not quite sure about it all or why he is even there… and leaves feeling like he is the next midwife…!! Just brilliant. I always say ‘don’t knock something till you have tried it’ and each and every time when I see the transformation in front of my very eyes it’s a magical moment!

  1. Describe Beau Baby in 3 words.

Wow – this is tough. For someone who never shuts up about Beau Baby, to describe anything in 3 words has to be my biggest challenge..! I’m going to go with:

  1. Individual
  2. Unique
  3. Loyal
  1. What do you love most about your job?

It’s my passion to support women and I love that I get to do this for a living. Every woman whether they are trying for a baby, pregnant, preparing for birth or has become a new mother has a story to tell. Their journeys are so inspiring, I feel honoured each and every day when they walk through the doors of Beau Baby. 

  1. Your job is all about helping mothers through childbirth and labour: did you practice what you preach?

Absolutely. I couldn’t do what I do and be so passionate about what I do if I hadn’t have experienced the whole process myself. As I mentioned earlier it’s through having my little boy the way I did, I knew from that moment I wanted to support women in similar situations during one of their most vulnerable and exciting times of their lives. Also with being a Paediatric Nurse in the NHS for many years, the pivotal role this entails is my biggest asset to be able to do what I do at Beau Baby.

  1. How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

“A girl who decided to go for it, follow her heart and enjoy the journey. Passionate, supportive, loyal and committed”

  1. What is it like being a super mum, running your own business and being able to do what you love?

Gosh I wish I was a super mum! Being a Mum is the hardest job of all. I don’t think you ever switch off worrying, running around and providing constant cuddles! Running my own business, being able to do what I love and being their for my family I count my lucky stars every day. From working in the NHS for 20 years it was a huge decision to leave my permanent contract as a Named Nurse in Paediatrics, but it was the best decision I have made as I am so determined to strike that work life balance (although this is still work in progress…!!) 

  1. Name 3 of your favourite accounts on Instagram

Another tough question!! It’s like being asked to choose your favourite child! I think they have to be:

  1. Oh Me Oh Mama – if I hadn’t have been attracted to your account I wouldn’t have been so star struck when I met you for the first time. I love your passion for Mums and your drive to normalise breastfeeding and love of boobs!
  2. Placenta Plus – Danielle is so driven with everything she does and has changed the views of the country in thinking differently about placentas. I love her attitude to life, care free and fun loving!
  3. Feathering The Empty Nest – There is something very special about Elle. She lost her little boy not long after he was born and her world turned upside down in that instant. Her IG stories crack me up! For someone who has been through such tragedy she is so open, honest and fun – a real breath of fresh air.
  1. What’s next for you and Beau Baby?

I am SO excited for what we have got in the pipeline at Beau Baby. The start of this year saw us launch in Liverpool and we are so delighted to be working from Lifestyle Collective delivering pregnancy relaxation and hypnobirthing. The next HUGE development for Beau Baby is coming in April… we are going to be working with Mamas & Papas! This is an absolute dream come true. We will be delivering weekly pregnancy relaxation and weekly baby massage from their Preston store. This is a unique concept for Mamas & Papas, but to be recognised for what we offer by one of the biggest baby brands in the business, and most definitely industry leaders, is a massive compliment, I am literally so excited! Finally I am due to appear on a well known television programme very soon. My lips are sealed but I am beyond excited… it’s not every day you get to hang out with cast and crew being filmed delivering fertility massage. It was definitely a ‘pinch me now’ moment, especially as I am a huge fan of the show… watch this space!

  1. And finally Rebecca, what advice would you give to a new mum wanting to start their own business

Keep that candle flickering with your idea – but don’t waste a precious moment of your time with your baby. Maternity leave is what it says on the tin. I think in this world of Social Media it seems to look very easy to start a business on something you are passionate about. If you’re currently working, then continue that work and start your business parallel to it. Yes, it’s a short term nightmare but for a huge long term gain, and your passion and belief in your business will reward you. You need to be sure that you are taking the right steps in starting a business – don’t hand in your letter of resignation until your business is viable. If you believe you’ve got what it takes you most definitely will have!

I hope you've all fallen in love with Rebecca and Beau Baby UK as much as we have. She has an unwavering passion and love for everything she does and we're so happy to have her at our mummy to be pamper evening on Wednesday 21 March. For more details click here


Once upon an Afternoon ...

Once upon an Afternoon ...

3 weeks into the New Year and i think i've only just about recovered from the mind fuck that is Christmas. Which, by the way seems to be one never ending tinsel covered rush. Either you're dashing round shops, cooking, entertaining, fake smiling, working or trying to cram 2 weeks of work into one day before everyone leaves for the holidays. It's relentless.

I thought Christmas was meant to be the time for giving?

I think i gave up on Christmas quite early on. December didn't just feel like 'December' at all. Gifts were meaningless, smiles were hollow and my inner scrooge was starting to make an appearance, so when the opportunity arose to take an afternoon out for​ myself and do just nothing- i snapped it up with both hands.

Enter the Richmond Hotel and their very luxe 'Afternoon Tea'. 

Sitting in the cosy white booths, my buddy Kim and i nestled in for the afternoon and warmed ourselves against delicate cups of tea and tried to embrace the Christmas cheer, we tried once again with a couple glasses of Prosecco. Bingo!

This is what Christmas is about right? Enjoying time with loved ones. Not running round random shops, malls and adding every single sale item into your shopping basket that you 'think' someone might like!? Hopefully?! My bank account was £300 lighter and it had me thinking "Where has the true meaning of Christmas gone?"

I would rather spend an afternoon with my bezzie who I don't get to see that often, rather than receive a ton of unwanted, unnecessary (soon to be unused) presents surrounding the bottom of Christmas tree. I think time spent together, enjoying each others company over food and wine is the perfect gift as it's investing in friendships for months and even years to come. 

I had the perfect afternoon, with great food, great company and a greater appreciation for Christmas. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have money in their pockets or friends around them during this time of the year, so if you can give anything, the best gift you can give someone is - your time. When you take a step off the treadmill of rushing around - you will find that life is a much more happier place to be. 

Head over to the Richmond Hotel nestled quietly in Hatton Gardens for a mid-week escape from the hustle and bustle of city life - just one quick walk & taxi ride away. 

Check out the Richmond on Instagram

Check out the Boobie Gang

Check out the Boobie Gang

Something wonderful has been happening behind the scenes at Mama HQ. We've somehow created a gang of amazing boob loving Insta mamas!

It all started off earlier this year when we contacted a few businesses regarding a National Breastfeeding Week competition and our first ever 'Boob Pin' giveaway was launched. Now, 4 months down the line our little group has grown from 8 to 15 members!

We love being part of a group especially around a topic thats so close to our hearts (and chests!!). Boobs are natural life givers and milk makers. And our amazing boobie gang do an incredible job of increasing awareness of breastfeeding and normalising boob feeding. Not only this but they also uplift other women and sisters, raising the roof and doing it for themselves in business!

I don't thank them often enough, so this blog is dedicated to every single one of them ...

Ladies and Gents, please meet:

Carly from Lucky Sew and Sew

Emma from Bloody Nora Pam

Betty Rag Bag

Amanda from Bee and Mae

Katy from Milk and Moon Uk

Dommy from Milk Mutha

Breanna from Fine and Dandy Pins

Sophie from In The Mother Hood

Carrie from Mere Soeur

Anthonissa from One Strong Mother

Nikki from Little Lovelies Studio 

Nicole from Drawings By Nicole

Out Loud Studio

Taynee from Grrl Gang Art

And to our only guy repping it from Fort Lauderdale in Florida - Danny Brito!!

Keep doing what your doing guys and thanks for having my back!

Peace and Love